1920s German light bulb voltage tester bar by Restauration Hardware

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Protospiel Madison 2014 Countdown

We’re only a week away from Protospiel Madison 2014. With that, there are some important things for you to know:

  • Online ticket sales will close on Wednesday, October 22nd at 10pm central time. After that time you’ll have to buy your tickets at the door. We do NOT accept credit cards or checks at the door, only cash.
  • With our newly expanded space, we have tickets available for another dozen people, so if you want to come, there is still room for you!
  • More than 60 attendees have pre-registered from all over the country. In fact, less than 40% of the attendees are from the Madison area.
  • The Game Crafter is the sponsor of Protospiel Madison 2014. The Game Crafter is providing free beverages and snacks through-out the event. In addition, The Game Crafter is giving away more than 100 lbs of free prototyping materials.
  • There will be 3 publishers at Protospiel Madison scouting for their next big game.

The doors open at 9am on Friday morning. See you there!

Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

A good number of people follow my blog for the advice I provide in creating startups and running a business. No business blog would be complete without the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.


Steampunk king of spades. Cardboard. 15 x 20” by Lance Oscarson


Celebrating Perl 5’s 20th birthday at MadMongers.

Celebrating Perl 5’s 20th birthday at MadMongers.

Madison Area Perl Mongers Tonight

Tonight’s topic: REST on your SoC with Device::WebIO

System on a Chip (SoC) devices, such as the Raspberry Pi and pcDuino, are becoming increasingly popular. They almost always have a working Perl installed, and some library for controlling the I/O pins. Wouldn’t it be nice to unify the API across devices? While we’re at it, why not add a REST interface, too? The Device::WebIO modules do exactly that, and this presentation will show you how to use them.

This is also the 20th anniversary of Perl. There is a rumor of cake.

Madison Game Design Cabal Tonight

Come play test some new games tonight.


Art by painter, sculptor, woodcarver Vyacheslav Pakhomov.


Art by painter, sculptor, woodcarver Vyacheslav Pakhomov.

Protospiel Madison only 2 weeks away!

Protospiel Madison 2014 is only 2 weeks from now! Get your tickets now.