Laser Cutting 101

Come to The Bodgery tonight at 7pm to learn how to use our new laser cutter. In this class we’ll cover: safety, setup, materials, and software. 

Capturing Javascript Keyboard Events

For whatever reason, I’ve had very little reason to capture keyboard events with Javascript until recently. So I set out to learn how, and I thought I’d share a quick trick with you.

I work nearly exclusively with jQuery rather than vanilla Javascript, so I am using a jQuery selector and bind event for this example, but the actual key testing is vanilla Javascript.

In the above code e.which == 13 is testing for the enter key, and each of the other variants is testing whether the shift or control keys are held down when enter is pushed, or if both or neither are.

Designer's guide to DPI

Firebase - Build Realtime Apps

I’ve been using Firebase a lot lately to build real-time web apps both in Perl and in Javascript. I figured it was high-time I give them a shout. If you are looking for an easy way to build real-time web apps, have a look at Firebase

Hands-on: Mailbox for Mac Beta swipes, snoozes its way onto OS X

Beginners Guide To Responsive Web Design

Every day I keep working with businesses that don’t understand the concept of responsive web design. This is a good primer. Or if you’re building a new site, just use a framework such as Bootstrap and you get it almost for free.

Laser Projects At The Bodgery

As I posted previously, we now have a laser cutter at The Bodgery. Today Karen and I played around with it for a bit to make some cool projects. The first is a laser cut box.


Tip: If you want to make a box, use a cool site like this one to generate some templates for you.

Next we etched a simple ceramic tile with a flower.


Which generates a cool pattern on the tile by removing the glaze, leaving most of the tile shiny, while the unglazed part is rough.


But we wouldn’t stop there. People might not notice how cool our new pattern is. So we spilled some red paint on it and rubbed it in.


After you rub it all in, you can take a dry paper towel and wipe the paint off the shiny parts of the tile very easily. 


That leaves you with a beautiful finished product like this.


Learn how to do cool projects like this and more by becoming a member at The Bodgery. Come check us out at our open shop night this Friday from 7pm to 10pm

Fail Faster, Even In Dating

I often talk about failing faster in both business and programming. The faster you fail the faster you can learn from your mistakes, and move on to something more successful. However, it applies to dating too. In talking with a couple of my single friends recently, it has become clear to me that I need to keep spreading the word about this.

I met my wife online using a site called Excite, which is a search engine that no longer exists, long before OK Cupid, eHarmony, and ever came about. They had classifieds with a dating section. But in order to meet her, I scheduled tons of dates; sometimes more than 10 per week (2 or more per day). I did this, because the dating scene is often tragically populated with non-matches. There were plenty of no-shows, personalities made of pocket lint, unformed and malformed psychologies, and so on.

The point is, there is a match out there for you, but you have to wade through a river of shit to find it. Don’t dwell on the failures, just keep pushing through the numbers and you’ll get there.

I know what some of you are thinking. How did I do 2 or 3 dates per day? It’s easy actually; just don’t get tied down to the traditional notion of a date. You can almost always tell within the first 10 minutes whether you want to spend more time with a person. Schedule lunch or breakfast dates, because you have to get back to work so you have an easy out. Get a coffee or an ice-cream as a date. Play a quick round of mini-golf or racket ball. In other words, schedule your dates such that they are 1 hour or less. You’ll find you have plenty of time to get more than one in per day. 

Protospiel Madison

You may not have heard, but we’re bringing the country’s best board game design convention to Madison! Protospiel Madison 2014 will be October 24-26th. We’ve already sold over 30% of our available tickets in just the first three weeks they’ve been on sale. And the ticket sales are increasing, so get yours today, before they are all gone.